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To stop feeling hopeless, tired, and held back by autoimmune symptoms that are preventing you back from living a vibrant life. You are ready to start feeling comfortable in your skin and body.


You are ready to feel physically, mentally, and emotionally well. You want to feel confident that the steps you are taking will help you achieve your goals.



Join me today and together we will take back control of your body. Life is too short to waste more time suffering, lets identify your underlying causes!




4- 30 minute sessions

Discover the underlying causes of your autoimmunity with a full month of individualized treatment plans to help you renew your health!  Unlimited email access.

VIP Healer:

Length: 8- 30 min sessions

This VIP Healer package is the best deal. My clients achieve awesome results and most are very motivated for change. This really allows time for the body to go through healing and I find clients stick to the lifestyle changes strongly after VIP comes to a completion. ALSO unlimited text/email access with Nikki for extra support. If you have questions outside of our sessions and don’t want to wait until next session to ask, just text/email me your question and you’ll have the support so you can achieve the best VIP healing possible!

How to get started on your healing journey after your 15 min consult:

  1. Due to the volume of emails for just certain available spots on our upcoming calendar, you will be asked to download and complete all of “Roots registration Forms,” and return them to us to secure your scheduled appointment time.

Once all of the documents have been received, including the signed Cancellation Policy, you will be eligible to reserve the next available new client opening and receive an email to book your appointment.  I look forward to working with you!


2.  After you receive an email your forms have been received please purchase your initial consult and/or program of choice here and then click the schedule now button below.

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