Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have any more questions do not hesitate to contact us! 🙂

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach. Healing of chronic disease is achieved through finding the ROOT cause of disease. Functional medicine avoids the excessive use of prescription medication and the patient and practitioner engage in a therapeutic partnership. It is an evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century.

Five key aspects of functional medicine
1) Functional Medicine views us all as being different; genetically and biochemically unique. This personalized health care treats the individual, not the disease. It supports the normal healing mechanisms of the body, naturally, rather than attacking disease directly.
2) Functional Medicine is deeply science based. The latest research shows us that what happens within us is connected in a complicated network or web of relationships. Understanding those relationships allows us to see deep into the functioning of the body for optimal healing.
4) Your body has the ability to heal and prevent nearly all the diseases of aging.
5) Health is not just the absence of disease, but a state of immense vitality.

What credentials do you have?

I am a Registered Nurse and have a Bachelors in Science of Nursing from the University of South Florida

Applying Functional Medicine into Clinical Practice

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (in progress)

What makes Roots Functional Medicine different?

What makes Roots Functional Medicine different is the set of values I designed for this online clinic.

  1. Faith based
  2. Patient-centered
  3. Trusting relationships

These core values is what I strive to be for my patients every single day. I believe I was called by God to help people heal using a more natural approach. Roots was designed to educate and heal people using the functional medicine model. Many times people do not have the financial means to pay for functional medicine doctors. I try to keep my online clinic accessible to as many people as possible while still being able to support my own family. Patient satisfaction is always my number one priority and you will have support through out your entire healing journey here at Roots. I love getting to know and build trusting relationships with each and every one of you!


Will the appointments be in person or online?

As of right now all my patients are seen online through doxyme website. This is done so I can reach a wider variety of people with autoimmune conditions, which is my speciality and passion. If there is someone local in Portland that would prefer in person sessions they can contact me directly so we can work something out.

How do I start with your online clinic?

  1. Fill out all patient forms
  2. Purchase a consult in “Shop” page
  3. Schedule your appointment in “services” page
  4. At the time of your appointment click link below for computer users

Start a telemedicine call with
Nikki Ledakis RN, BSN
Telemedicine by
To have a successful call, users must have:

  • Mac/PC/Mobile device or tablet with camera, microphone, & speakers
  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (latest release versions)
  • Latest Operating System

For iOS and Android mobile/Ipad users:

  • Ensure you have updated your operating system
  • Download the iOS from the App Store or use Google Chrome on your Android device
  • Once you downloaded type in this code https://doxy.me/rootsfunctionalmedicine
  • Look forward to meeting you!


Do you offer specials?

Yes, we offer latest deals, recipes, blog posts if you are subscribed to our email list! If you don’t have social media, but want to know the earliest specials, subscribe to our email list.