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My Story

Hello! I’m Nikki. My mission is to help young women heal from autoimmunity by incorporating the principles of Functional Medicine.

If stumbled across my site “by accident” know that I believe we were brought together for a reason.

YOU are about to change your life.

I created Roots Functional Medicine because I believe that we have tremendous influence over our health and the health of our families through everyday choices, no matter how small they may be. I believe health should be an exciting and fulfilling journey.


My Journey

In a year my health went from amazing to rock bottom(first year of nursing school). I struggled with an autoimmune skin condition called hidradentitis. Initially, I turned to conventional medicine. After several months of perfect blood work, medications recommendations that would cause more harm than good, I decided no mainstream doctor was concerned with “why” I developed a vicious skin condition that left me unable to walk somedays. I decided to take control of my health and search for answers (answers that didn’t include side effects!). I tried a specific protocol to reboot my body and within days I could feel my body healing. BUT, I knew I needed someone who was more educated in this field of medicine. I saw my first functional medicine practitioner and it was life changing, she discovered all my underlying issues and I began to heal one month at a time. This all happened during nursing school and I believe it was God directing me to be a different type of healer. From that point on, I independently studied functional medicine in nursing school. Immediately after I graduated I continued my education to be a functional medicine practitioner through the Institute for Functional Medicine (My Dream!!). I am now here to help other young women heal from autoimmunity just like I did!

I now believe many autoimmune issues can be managed and even reversed through nutrition, functional medicine, and natural healing.

I passionately believe you can transform your health and life and I invite you to join me on this journey and get in touch for individualized support!
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